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Together towards zero waste

At BioPak, we believe in leadership — the good kind of leadership that can change the world, and because of this, we celebrate the many businesses, small and big, who believe they can too. The Compost Club is a community of eco-warriors pioneering sustainability and leading the war on waste. These champions of waste have adopted plant-based compostable packaging early and integrated it as a core concept of their business. Zero waste environments are becoming a fundamental part of everyday life as governments have begun to phase out plastics and end consumers drive demand for better alternatives.

The BioPak Compost Service empowers businesses who have recognised the importance of investing into the circular economy to take action, hold themselves responsible for their waste and turn their food scraps and compostable packaging into nutrient-rich soil today. Sustainability is not the work of one, but the work of many, so were inspiring and empowering other communities along the way!

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We work with over 200+ members and diverted more than 940 tonnes of waste from landfill since launching our collection service. If you're a food retailer, market, cafe, coffee roaster or business with a vision for a world without waste, and want to join us, we would love to meet you.