28th of July 2021

Single-Use Plastic Bans

The goal is to reduce plastic pollution on land and in the oceans and reduce the unsustainable use of fossil fuel to make packaging.

Single-Use Plastic bans are an effective strategy to speed up the transition towards a circular economy.

Our new Aqueous cups are manufactured using a water-based barrier coating. They are certified industrially compostable to European Standards (EN13432).


 New Zealand has a new composting network, an online platform that connects foodservice businesses with industrial composters. Backed by restaurateur Nic Watt, the network aims to reduce part of the 157,389 tonnes of food waste created by New Zealand each year, the weight of 271 jumbo jets.

27th of May 2021

5 BioCup Myths Busted!

Ever wondered if recycling cups is better than composting? There's a lot of confusion surrounding compostable coffee cups and we're here to set the record straight by debunking 5 of the more common myths around bioplastics.

Voices For The Rainforest brings together a collection of environmental champions through art, to highlight the urgent need to protect our rainforests, the lungs of our planet. 

14th of April 2021

Innovation By Design

When it comes to custom takeaway packaging it is important to remember that performance and design go hand-in-hand; our experienced team are on hand from concept to delivery.